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Auto sleeve to the black this polishing production
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Socket wrench and cross wrench, L type wrench grinding and polishing process are as follows: 1: surface tension lines too deep, must use the lathe flat or sand 1: heat treatment 2: into the vibration grinding machine polishing:

The selection of vibration grinding machine, into the abrasive high aluminum porcelain, it is best to add high-frequency ceramic abrasive, abrasive onto the machine 60-70%, water cleaning machine abrasive induced by three for five minutes, open the drain valve until the water dry 90%, close the valve, when the water filling valve in space after adding products, amount and size of machine products decision, into the product when try to gently reduce collision, and then add the abrasive cutting fluid, the first amount is product than the potion ratio: 100KG:3KG, into the grinding fluid when attention to along the periphery pour, make its grinding liquid evenly in the machine, the grinding time is 120 minutes to 150 minutes, the product on the machine table grinding to 20 minutes of product will become black, this time you don't have to surprise, this is effect in normal play, until the product slowly changed from black to color the product itself material, is the time to lose function drops, the general efficacy of medicine for about 120 minutes, when the potion lose efficacy, please open valves, add water cleaning machine¡£Cleaning machine for 3-4 minutes, the water stop cleaning 50% clean, to be dry after the water 90% to close the valve, when water filling valve in a spatial join grinding cutting fluid, amount and for the first time, abrasive products from black to white, please check the product surface texture and roughness of steel oxidation layer is there, the surface is not smooth, if is not smooth, please repeat the same operations as like second times, general products such a grind two all can remove the thread, this time the valve is opened, water cleaning, cleaning time should not be too long, about 3-4 minutes, product to prevent rust on the machine table, this time to pick up the products out, put in the antirust liquid soaked in 5-10 seconds after take out, can be plating, process of polished finish 3: anti rust treatment 4: electroplating