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High quality and low price high quality Taiwan brightener Zhenlong supply
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High quality and low price high quality Taiwan brightener Zhenlong supply

Zhenlong company specializing in the production of high quality and low price high quality www.dgymj.cm Taiwan brightener, vibration grinding machine, barrel roll grinding machine, centrifugal dewatering machine, high speed centrifugal grinding machine etc..

The effect of brightener

1 high machining quality. The speed is quick, the effect is obvious, surface of the part to be processed shine, can solve the problem of manual polishing can not solve the problem. And give you the next procedure provides the basis of surface.

2 the hardware the luster agent after processing, can effectively remove burrs, and can make the chamfer at more smooth, improve the accuracy and the enhancement effect of gloss workpiece. Strengthen the grinding force in the process and reduce the oxidation of the workpiece. At the same time make all kinds of common parts appearance is more beautiful and smooth, the service life and the added value of the products is obviously improved.

3 has the advantages of multiple functions, can remove rust, oil removal, removal of oxide, anti rust, cleaning, polishing and other functions and finished at the same time, the operation process can be greatly simplified, directly reduce the production cost. Welcome to visit the website of cheap brightening agent, brightener price, basic information of brightening agent to sell low-priced www.dgymj.com