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Buy spiral vibration grinding machine find Zhenlong, quality assurance, preferential price
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Buy spiral vibration grinding machine find Zhenlong, quality assurance, preferential price

Spiral vibration polishing machine quantities, product range, excellent quality, high performance price ratio and trustworthy professional!

The spiral mechanical vibration grinding machine principle

Spiral vibration polishing machine through the vibration motor excitation force generated by high speed rotation by the action of the spring, the grinding groove grinding stone, water be machined parts and grinding liquid to generate the regularity of relative motion. Then get the mutual extrusion, the protruding from the burr or oxide layer surface is worn away, can be an acute angle rounding and bright polishing. The product adopts the international advanced spiral flow, the processing principle of three dimensional vibration, mass production can be realized, to achieve the province, labor saving, energy purposes. For medium size parts surface finishing, finishing after does not damage the parts of the original shape and size precision parts, can eliminate internal stress, and improve the parts surface smoothness, accuracy 1-2. This product mechanism advanced and reasonable, with automatic separation device, noise proof device, can be composed of deburring, flying edge, finishing, polishing, cleaning a dragon indeed machining production line. 1 adopt import frequency conversion electric box, Taiwan motors, Japan PU glue 2 amplitude and turning force, cutting force and high 3 can automatically finish, convenient operation, 4 is applicable to all kinds of metal, plastic and other surface polishing, chamfer, removal of burr, in addition to stitch. Fine polishing, precision polishing, gloss polishing.

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