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1, all kinds of vibration grinding machine, polishing machine vibration, the three dimension vibration grinding machine, polishing machine, polishing machine, vibration machine, light machine, polishing machine, rolling machine, high efficiency horizontal vibration grinding machine

2, all kinds of barrel roll grinding machine, polishing machine, drum tilt cylinder, vibration screening machine

3, all kinds of high speed centrifugal polishing machine (planetary light decoration machine), high speed centrifugal grinding machine, high speed centrifuge, powerful high-speed centrifugal grinding machine

4 kinds of flow type grinding machine, eddy current type polishing machine

5 of all kinds: dehydration drying machine, dryer, hot air dryer, industrial dewatering machine, dehydration dryer

6, all kinds of grinding stone: resin (plastic), high aluminum porcelain stone, Zong Gangyu stone, Tao Cishi (Pearl), steel ball, steel

7, all kinds of coarse grinding agent, polishing agent (brightener), luster agent, anti rust agent, decontamination, hand tools, hand tools and cutting agent polishing agent

8, all kinds of grinding machine and grinding machine, polishing machine repair water bag PU glue, PU glue, eddy current machine package vibration grinding machine package PU glue, all kinds of roller grinding machine lining