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Processing method of casting using vibration polishing machine
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We in the grinding machine (vibration grinding machine, magnetic abrasive finishing machine, centrifugal grinding machine, roller grinding machine) scope of introduction often writes is suitable for casting.

What is the casting is one of the most frequently processing vibration grinding machine?

Casting production usually refers to the method of making products with the fusing alloy material, the liquid alloy into the pre - cooling, the mold prepared to solidification, and obtain the rough or parts, the manufacturing process is called casting production, referred to as the casting, the cast product called castings. Most castings as blank, need to go through in order to become a variety of mechanical processing machine parts; some castings when used to achieve dimension accuracy and surface roughness requirements, can be used as a direct application of finished products or parts.

One of the advantages of casting casting pieces of common vibration grinding machine: to adapt to a wide range, casting process is almost not affected by casting size, thickness and shape complexity constraints, casting wall thickness is 0.3-1000MM, the length from a few millimeters to several meters, quality from a few grams to more than 300T. The most suitable for the production of complex shape, especially the inner cavity complicated parts, such as complex box body, valve body, impeller, propeller, engine cylinder body.

Vibration grinding machine is most often treated casting one of the casting can be used material widely, almost all can melt into the alloy material can be used for casting liquid. Such as cast steel, cast iron fly various aluminum alloy, copper alloy, alloy, iron alloy and pot alloy castings. For brittle alloy plastic material (such as poor ordinary cast iron), in the industrial production to iron the most widely used, accounting for more than 70% of the total output of castings.

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