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Dongguan Zhenlong grinding successfully signed Dongguan Yi Polytron Technologies Inc, and established long-term cooperation relationship
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Dongguan Yi Polytron Technologies Inc was founded in 1993 May, the registered capital of 112000000 yuan, is a collection of molding, light alloy materials research and development, production, marketing as one of the national high-tech enterprises, is the production of light alloy products Guangdong province well-known enterprises. The company specializes in magnesium alloy, aluminum alloy and other light alloy precision castings of R & D, design, production and sales, mainly for many areas of consumer electronics, LED, medical equipment, auto parts, electric power tools, industrial parts etc..

The company by virtue of a complete industrial chain, leading technology and strict quality system certification, after nearly twenty years of development, has formed by the international famous clients as the basis, with the key core technology development pattern for the high-quality high-end precision product oriented security. The company has a complete industrial chain, has the ability to provide the service capacity of mold design and manufacturing, die casting, precision CNC machining, spraying, detection integration for customers.

Since its inception, the company always adhere to the science and technology innovation development train of thought of the research and development, now has a staff of more than 100 people, set up Guangdong Province light alloy engineering technology research and development center, Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province enterprise academician expert workstation international science and technology cooperation base. The company also continued to strengthen with the Hongkong Productivity Council, Chinese Academy of Sciences Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Institute of metal research, Chongqing University (National Engineering Research Center for magnesium alloys), Shanghai Jiao Tong University, University of Science and Technology Beijing, South China University of Technology, Xi'an University of technology, Southern Medical University, Guangdong Province, the Industrial Technology Research Institute (Guangzhou Nonferrous Metals Research Institute) and other research institutions "research" cooperation. Companies in the technical level to maintain the leading edge at the same time, adhere to the cutting edge of technology in the industry, actively advocated the promotion of magnesium alloy die castings, continue to expand the application of magnesium alloys in automotive, medical and other fields.

The company has passed the British BSI certification ISO9001:2008, ISO/TS16949:2009, ISO14001:2004 quality management system certification.

Companies adhere to the people-oriented, pay attention to personnel training, committed to the building of enterprise culture, and strive to create a warm and harmonious Yee homes. Company to "create a hundred years Yee, achievements to serve the society" as its mission, aimed at through the enterprise sustained steady and rapid development, and continuously improve staff welfare, improve employee life, make more contribution to the society.

Thank Dongguan Yi Polytron Technologies Inc to our Zhenlong grinding company (www.dgymj.com) support! 24 hours Tel: 18665136898 Mr. lu.

The choice of Zhenlong grinding reason?

Core philosophy: to create the world first-class high-tech finishing grinding production and export base; companies adhere to the "people-oriented, science and technology work guiding ideology of science and technology innovation", optimize the allocation of resources, increase investment in science and technology, and constantly enhance the capability of independent innovation and the follow-up research and development capabilities, the use of the project as the starting point, to strengthen the talent team construction, stimulate the vitality of science and technology R & D personnel master, a group of independent intellectual property rights of the core technology and key technology, the formation of a number of distinctive theoretical innovation and technological achievements, to promoting the great leap forward development company transition upgrades, realize the two take-off, construction industry leadership, innovation of science and technology, business and employees the harmonious development of enterprises, and make its due contribution to the development of the grinding the whole industry.